Gay man could only afford to donate $3 to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, but she personally thanked him


Zachary, a gay man from Ohio, supports and loves Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Presidential candidate who hopes to become the first female POTUS. But he has no money to show it, so he gave all he could for her campaign. He is just 19-years-old, works at a Circle K, and lives pay check to pay check – but he really wanted to make a donation to the campaign of Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren. He was only able to afford to donate $3. Imagine how shocked the young gayt was when Warren herself reached him to express gratitude. The heartwarming call was shared on Warren’s Twitter page. When Zachary answers the phone, he simply says: “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” “Oh my God, oh my God, this is so awesome,” he exclaims, asking Warren to hold on for a second so he could call his boyfriend to witness the moment. Warren tells his boyfriend Alex: “I’m calling my friend Zachary here to thank him for contributing to my campaign.” Zachary said he is “more than happy” to have donated, and continues: “I don’t have much money. I’m 19, I work paycheck to paycheck, but I thought it was something to believe in.”


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