Michelle Visage expressed her opinion of Boris Johnson


The Drag Race judge who is involved in two projects on the British TV simultaneously, says she is in love with the UK, so even if she is an American, she cares about the British future. “I feel like I’m home when I walk the streets, it’s very bizarre,” Michelle says, adding that if reincarnation exists then she definitely was a gay British man in one of her past lives. And she loves everything about the UK, except its politics. “Boris Johnson can definitely sashay away,” she said of the prime minister’s charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. As for the rest of the Commons: “I’m not sure if any of them would [shantay] at this point.” The timing of Drag Race UK‘s arrival feels prescient — a shot of unabashed LGBT+ pride at a time when the community feels increasingly vulnerable to both violent and political attacks.


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