Renée Zellweger on how she decided to support LGBT


The actress who played gay icon Judy Garland admits that she is far from being a gay icon herself (yet!), but she feels very connected to the LGBT community and she felt welcome in gay bars since she was a teen. “I would’ve had to snuck out and stayed out all night, much to the chagrin of my mum who might be watching this now,” she told PinkNews, jokingly apologizing to her mum. In the same interview she added that the moment when she decided to support LGBT was when she was 17 and her close friend’s father forbade him to change his name. Renee was so upset because she saw her friend struggling, and he was a lovely person who did not deserve to struggle and suffer, though even his own father refused to see it. “He just didn’t want to be who his father wanted him to be, you know. And that should be OK. I mean, at the very least that should be OK. And then the rest of it was, you know, it seems like we have better things to worry about today than who people love,” the star added.


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