Gay rock musician credited to RuPaul for coming out


Ash Kenazi said, in a piece for The Independent, that in 2016 he “could not accept” his attraction to men up until he discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. He had heard about the show before, but was afraid even to watch it, as he was afraid of everything gay-related. Kenazi’s world changed after that first All Stars episode, and he said the drag queens convinced him that drag is a kind of art that requires a lot of talent, and a gay culture in general is not something to be afraid of at all. He had gheard the stories of drag queens, who struggled to accept some shades of their personalities just as he did, and they taught him a lot. “Drag Race forced me to leave my comfort zone and explore my lost identity,” he says. Kenazi said he has learned to love all the parts of himself, and he eventually decided to reveal his own drag persona at the rock and folk festival End of the Road.


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