Politician who helped to prove guilt of Ian Huntley feels uncomfortable about gay people


Patricia Wiltshire is a forensic ecologist who, in 2003, was instrumental in solving the Soham Murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and bringing the criminal to justice is now in the epicenter of the homophobic scandal herself. She notes that seeing gay people on TV makes her feel very uncomfortable. Wiltshire, 77, claimed to “support and protect anyone” who suffers from discrimination, but she is against celebrating sexuality “in a vulgar way” as it is often done on TV, recommending to focus on people’s achievements more than whom they sleep with. She said that if people “flaunted it all the time” then they were “bound to come up against prejudice” adding: “You cannot protect from prejudice. You can only prevent the action that might come from prejudice.” Wiltshire admitted not being aware enough of LGBT issues, but claimed to have worked in this direction, though she could not explain what kind of work it was. She went on saying that she is for diversity and she is not anti-gay or anti-anybody else. “But I do feel uncomfortable watching television. I feel very uncomfortable about the language that is used and the innuendos referring to sexuality. Sometimes it’s not innuendos. It’s overt,” she concluded.


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