Batwoman’s girlfriend won’t be seen soon


Batwoman, as well as the actress who plays her, is an out lesbian and it is not hidden in the series. However, those who are planning to watch a lesbian love story probably came to the wrong place because a female love interest of the main character is not planned to be shown in the nearest future. Ruby Rose noted that love is not a priority in the life of her character right now, but one day she will have a desire of being romantically connected to someone. Even though she is a superhero, she is a human first of all, and she needs and deserves to be loved. “She has just come into herself. She’s just returned to Gotham. She has so much trauma going on. She’s lost her mom, she’s lost her sister, she’s trying to discover what she wants to do in her life,” Rose said of her character in the interview to the New Zealand Herald, “She was kicked out of the military so it’s like she’s starting from square one, and then when she discovers a purpose and that purpose is to become Batwoman.” So as for dating – probably not now. But ‘not now’ does not mean ‘never’, Ruby already discussed the romantic perspectives of Kate Kane for the future and they don’t mind.


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