Gay couple attacked for kissing has a message for abusers


A young gay couple who were doused in pepper spray at a bus stop in south London tells the attackers that they are not broken down and they cannot be forced out of the city. Matthew, a 23-year-old charity worker, was covered in pepper spray with his boyfriend by a stranger who made it clear that people like them are unwelcome. The couple had been kissing at the bus stop in Brixton when they were attacked without warning. Bodycam footage from a paramedic who helped the couple shows them expressing fears that they could have lost their eyesight forever. Both men had to be rushed to hospital by paramedics to have their eyes cleaned. Detective Inspector Dave Adams said five men were inside the nearby KFC restaurant shortly before the attack. Police are linking the assault at the bus stop with a second that happened shortly before inside the KFC, where a corrosive spray was used on two more men.


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