Singer Hozier waved trans flag at the show


During a string of sets at the London Palladium for his 2019 tour last week, the singer draped himself in blue, pink and white colors to expressed solidarity with the trans community. On October 3, a fan tossed a trans Pride flag onto the stage during Hozier’s performance of ‘Nina Cried Power’. Thrusting it into the air, the star, whose real name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, hung it behind him for the rest of the gig. Ending the show with his 2013 hit, ‘Take Me to Church’, he grabbed the flag again and rose it up high. Filip Mikulski, a queer artist currently studying at King’s College London, is a massive fan of Hozier and he came you the show of his favorite musician on his birthday. As he queued outside the Palladium, tucked behind the bustle of Oxford Street, Mikulski had no idea that the trans Pride flag in his pocket would end up at the stage beside Hozier himself. Inside the venue, flag in hand, he felt lucky and threw it into the crowded concert.


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