The reason why Graham Norton stopped writing for The Telegraph


BBC presenter Graham Norton has said he stopped writing his agony aunt column for the Telegraph because he did not divide the newspaper’s political viewpoint and was against the way it tried to impose it on the readers. “When I signed up to be their agony aunt, I was aware that it was a rightwing paper and that didn’t bother me, but about a year before I left, it took a turn and there were some things in that paper about which I thought, ‘I cannot be contained within the same pages as this’,” said Norton, adding that he really loved the job he did for Daily Telegraph, but he probably should have loved it more for him, to be possible to continue staying there. “It’s a weird thing: these very nice people would say, ‘Oh, I love your column in the Telegraph’ and I’m looking at them thinking, ‘You read the Telegraph?!’ That’s not good, that’s not a happy situation to be in,” he added.


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