Trans singer performed at English National Opera for the first time


American opera singer Lucia Lucas has made history by becoming the first trans singer to perform with the English National Opera in London on October 5. The video of her performance was made public by BBC. n a BBC video, Lucas described how she dresses as a man, including a stick-on moustache, when she performs because her voice is too low-pitched even if she was a man – she has a baritone. She makes her voice higher than it is when she talks, but when it comes to singing it is too hard. Lucas, who began transitioning in 2013, was unsure if doing so would affect her career. So she spoke to an opera manager and said that transition is more important for her than singing, but she desperately wanted to have both. The manager asked her whether she knew other trans singers who stayed in opera after transition. She responded she did not know whether such people existed at all. Then the manager asked whether her voice would change and she said it would not so there was a chance for her career to continue.


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