Brazil must reinstate funding for LGBT films, court ruled


A federal judge has ruled that Brazil must reinstate suspended funding for LGBT+ films. The judge noted that these films also need protection. Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to halt government film grants took away 70 million Brazilian real (US $17.42 million) from around 80 movies, including a small number with LGBT+ content and themes. The Brazilian president, who is known for his homophobic beliefs, stated that funding LGBT films meant wasting money for him. Brazil’s citizenship minister Osmar Terra said that during the funding suspension, the government film agency ANCINE would be restructured in terms of how it allocates funding. But according to Reuters, on Monday, October 7, judge Laura Carvalho ruled that the ANCINE committee did not have the power to decide how funds would be allocated. In August, Brazil’s special secretary of culture, Henrique Medeiros Pires, stepped down to express her opposition to the President’s LGBT censorship.


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