Dancing On Ice introduced its first same-sex dancing couple


Former Steps member Ian ‘H’ Watkins will be taught the art of ice dancing by a male professional, it has recently been announced Matt Evers. Watkins identifies as gay and he was the one who offered the idea of being paired with a man, the producers did not object to it. A source told Digital Spy: “After conversations with the Dancing on Ice production team, H enquired as to the possibility of being paired with a male professional skater. Dancing on Ice were fully supportive of a same-sex partnership and as such this year H will be paired with Matt Evers.” Watkins did not reveal his sexuality while in Steps, even to his own family. He publicly came out only in 2007. “When [Steps] did interviews with magazines like Smash Hits and TV Hits I would always get asked questions about girlfriends and who I fancied. I felt massive pressure to keep my sexuality a secret,” he said of the early period of his career.


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