Trace Lysette struggled to reveal being sexually harassed


Trace Lysette has opened up about the uncertainty for her future in the acting industry after she publicly revealed that actor Jeffrey Tambor, her co-star in the Amazon trans-themed series Transparent, had committed a sexual misconduct against her. Tambor was the main star of the show and it was closed because of his spoiled reputation, meaning that Lysette was also left jobless. “When our show didn’t go back into production and I couldn’t book anything else, I wasn’t able to qualify for health insurance,” she told Them, adding that it was kind of weird to see how people praised her acting skills but she did not know whether they would remember her name when the show stops to air and whether she would have at least a minimal sum of money to pay bills. “I knew I couldn’t go back to the cis-heteronormative strip club, so I was just wondering what my options were and how I was going to keep this ship afloat.” The “cis-heteronormative strip club” she referred to is Scores, where she danced for eight years before being cast to Transparent


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