Trans Australian conceived a baby with her wife and then transitioned


Rebecca and Isabelle Sutherland, from Canberra, Australia, married in 2016, having known each other since childhood. Isabelle came out as trans to her bride-to-be right before the wedding. Rebecca said that she was afraid that her loved one was going to break an engagement as she heard the mysterious “I have a secret to share with you”, so the first reaction of Rebecca was relief and “Is that all?” Then Rebecca got pregnant. They did not plan it, but a miscarriage left them heartbroken and they decided to try again, now with intent. “We were never quite sure if we were going to try for a child before I started medically transitioning, or use in vitro fertilization after the fact,” Isabelle said, but she agreed to postpone hormones and to try to conceive naturally. If yes, then yes, if no, then no. Two weeks after that decision they found out that “yes”. The couple said that they encountered medical staff who seemed “hung up” on their situation, forcing them to change hospitals, but average people reacted mostly positively. “People come up to us all the time saying, ‘Oh, isn’t he adorable’ and have a chat about babies, and have a chat in general, and the fact that we’re two mums almost never factors into it,” Isabelle said.


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