Bisexual woman battles PSTD after her childhood abusers tried to set her on fire


Charlie Massey, now 23, opened up to BirminghamLive about the betrayal from her friend who had outed her as bisexual to the whole school and turned her life into hell in which she almost burnt, literally. “I remember every single thing they said that was homophobic. I remember reporting and reporting all the abuse and all the physical assaults to the school time and time again for them to do nothing,” she remembers. She (actually, her parents on her behalf) filed a police report, but it did not happen. “The last straw for me was when a group of boys sprayed my hair with body spray and tried to set it on fire,” she recalled. This is when she reached the boiling point and told her mom she would never go to school again. Within a few years of the bullying starting, she tried to kill herself three times and self-harmed on a daily basis. “My mental health is astonishingly bad. I have PTSD which gives me panic attacks multiple times a day, I can’t go to the town the school is in because it drives me into hysteria. I can’t work because of it all. I stay home and help my mum raise my niece. I very rarely leave the house but when I do I have my mum and sister with me,” she says.


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