Russian Iphone users sues Apple for turning him gay


A Russian man is suing Apple and asking for $15,000 in damages because his gadget allegedly “manipulated” him and as a consequence he “became gay”. According to The Moscow Times, the plaintiff has been identified as D. Razumilov and he said that he downloaded a cryptocurrency payment app onto his iPhone in 2017 and this summer he claims to have received LGBT+ cryptocurrency from an anonymous sender. The gift was accompanied by with the message “don’t judge without trying.” Mr. Razumilow thought that indeed, he could not judge something he did not know, and decided to experiment with men. He liked it, and he thinks that Apple is to blame. Now he is in long-term relationships with a man and his family don’t know about it. Razumilov accused the tech giant of “manipulatively pushing [him] toward homosexuality.” He claimed that the $15,000, or one million rubles, in damages would be compensation for “moral suffering and harm to mental health.”


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