Antoni Porowski sees differences between opposite-sex and same-sex dating


The food and drink expert spoke to Glamour UK about his dating record and learning about his sexuality over time. He has never hidden being attracted to men, but he insists that he really loved women with whom he was romantically connected – he never wanted to live in a lie to himself and others. He said that the plus of dating a woman is the absence of comparison. When you date a guy who is in a better shape than you are, it affects your self-esteem. The Montreal native, who spoke with the outlet to promote his cookbook Antoni in The Kitchen, admitted he has been very hard on himself about his body but he understands that people should not bother about it as much as he did but even when it comes to his attitude to his body, his fluidity is clearly visible. . “I have days when I wake up, feel like human garbage and eat plant-based and go to the gym twice a day. Then I have days where I feel really good about myself and destroy two burgers in a day with a pizza and a milkshake and maybe have a chocolate bar. I have two sides of me and that goes with anything, ”he says


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