Halsey faces rape threats after performing with a female dancer


As the openly bisexual celebrity has performed her single Without Me being accompanied by a female dancer Jade Chynoweth on The Voice last year, she faced rudeness and direct threats of abuse and even rape, she reveals to The Guardian. Moreover, she had her personal data, such as email address and phone number, hacked and leaked, so the abusers chased and targeted her directly. The thing is,. Halsey believes, that nobody would say a word if it was a male dancer. The world is full of double standards and people can react much calmer on more sexualized performances as long as they don’t go beyond the heteronormative standards. “Here’s what’s important, though — the young people sitting on the couch next to that angry dad, that angry mom, hearing them spewing hatred. The kid that’s scared to come out needs to see that on the TV,” the songwriter also noted.


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