Parents did not want to assign the baby’s gender but the government did it against their will


Jay Brissette, who is non-binary, and Miguel Ruelas, a trans man, wanted to bring up their child Azul as a completely free person from the point of view of gender boundaries, but the government clarified that at least from the legal point of view it cannot be possible. Brissette said that children exposed to expectations based on their gender from a young age, and this is not what they want for Azul. The parents are not going to bring their baby up as non-binary, but there will be a chance for them to figure out for themselves how to identify, they ensure. However, when the couple enquired about how to register Azul for a social security number, as the application only had “male” and “female” gender options, they were told that their child was “not a person”. De facto the third gender is legally permitted in the birth certificates in the couple’s native state of California since 2017.


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