Pro hockey player comes out as gay and he is ready for the backlash


Jon Lee-Olsen plays as goaltender for Rungsted Seier Capital, and is the first professional male ice hockey player to publicly come out as gay in Denmark, the second in Europe (after Swedish Lars Peter Karlsson, who was tragically killed in an alleged hate crime attack when he was just 29 years old), and the third in the world (after Karlsson and Brendan Burke from Canada).Lee-Olsen understands that people will not take his coming out well, there will be a lot of negativity, but he promises to handle it. “There’s a risk that some people might shout and heckle me while I’m playing matches,” he said. But he has a mission – he stands not only for himself but for every hockey player who is still in closet and for every young gay boy who wants to play hockey but thinks it is something that cannot be combined with his sexuality.


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