Queer eco-activists make it clear that there can be no Pride on a dead planet


Rainbow Rebellion, the LGBT+ branch of Extinction Rebellion, has no doubt that the marginalized minorities are the first to be affected by the global ecological crisis , so they should try their best to prevent it. Extinction Rebellion has organized a fortnight of international action, which began on October 7, in cities around the world, calling for governments of different countries to pay more attention to the ecological problems in general and to the climate change in part. A spokesperson for Rainbow Rebellion gave a speech in London’s Parliament Square during protests on October 9, saying that the climate changes refer not only to migrants and the general population, but also to those groups who need their voices to be heard in society, and the society is not going to listen to them if the planet is dying. “LGBT+ people, particularly migrants, disabled people, trans folk and people of color, are facing disaster on multiple fronts. Austerity is killing us off in vast numbers, hate crimes against us have risen exponentially since the financial crash in 2008, and more recently risen since the EU referendum. Homelessness is rising, with 24 percent of homeless youth identifying as LGBT+,” the spokesperson said


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