Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky surprisingly showed support to LGBT


The President of Ukraine came to the power not so long ago, so there was no chance to conclude whether he is pro-LGBT or not. But during his 14-hour long (by the way, it is the world record for political leaders) press conference Mr. Zelensky has made it clear that he is going to fight against homophobia. “Why haven’t you given answers to bishops and all of us that you’ll stop the [George] Soros program Committee of 300 spreading perversity of homosexuality? Will you prevent the legalization of prostitution and abortions? Or will you proceed with the course of [your predecessor] Poroschenko, who is Soros’ toadie and Committee of 300’s advocate?” the man shouted. To this the President responded that he was not the toadie of Soros and had never even met him, so continuing his task is definitely not his deal. As for implementing any laws, it is not his deal too, it is a duty of Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament). “Regarding LGBT: I don’t want to say anything negative because we all live in an open society where each one can choose the language they speak, their ethnicity and [sexual] orientation,” the President concluded


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