Gender-critical feminist and white nationalist gained praise from Mumsnet


Jean-François Gariépy, 35, is a prominent far-right YouTuber who calls for a “white ethno-state” and has often collaborated with Neo-Nazis for his videos. In videos attempting to prove white superiority and calling for all-white separatist states and a crackdown on immigration, Gariépy’s guests have included former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and known neo-Nazi Mark Collett. Gariépy’s latest guest was Posie Parker, also known as Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – the trans-exclusionary radical feminist. And however, mildly speaking, controversial the content posted by the Youtuber was, the users of the UK parenting forum Mumsnet sent praise to Parker for being his guest. “If there’s anyone who can confidently debate with anti-feminist right wingers it’s Posie. It’s a really brave and interesting way to go,” one Mumsnet user wrote. “Posie is bringing the truth about genderism to a wider audience,” another said, adding that “even if it might be an audience of people we don’t particularly like – presumably they still have the right to protect their kids.”


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