Women are ‘close to quitting’ Scottish National Party because of GRA reform


A private meeting of Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs showed that many female party members are considering cutting ties with it in the wake of gender recognition reforms in the country. Rhona Hotchkiss, the former governor of Cornton Vale women’s prison, said she was close to quitting the SNP because of what she considers a refusal to address concerns that reforming gender recognition laws could bring cisgender women and girls under threat in single-sex spaces. Hotchkiss said that the meeting, attended by around 60 people, had made her optimistic and brought her hope, so she has changed her mind about leaving this party, at least in the nearest future. The women’s pledge, which has been signed online by almost 2,000 people, says that cis women should be involved in the GRA debates because it might affect them directly. Speaking on a panel at the event, SNP MP Joanna Cherry said she had faced online abuse for raising these concerns, although the criticism had come from “a small minority of people”.


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