Uganda’s security minister calls LGBT people terrorists


On October 3, Ugandan Minister of Security Elly Tumwine spoke to NBS TV and openly slammed the oppositional group People Power, Our Power, calling them a terroristic organization linked to LGBT people. Homosexuality is not legal in Uganda and punished with up to life imprisonment. Tumwine’s message comes amid a violent crackdown in the landlocked country, where the Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s administration is stonewalling support for People Power. Just this week, Ugandan’s military announced that any civilians caught wearing red berets–a symbol of People Power–will be sent to jail for the term up to 5 years. The group supporters started a legal challenge against the ban. Museveni’s government has ruled the county since 1986 in a three decades-long rule that has shot salvos of anti-queer legislation out. Moreover, Museveni, 72, signed the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill in February 2014.


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