Man who peacefully protested against homophobia was attacked with his own sign


LGBT activist Anthony Dolci, 50, says he was targeted on Saturday, October 7, while protesting on the streets of Manhattan. Dolci’s one-man peaceful protests are a regular sight across the city, with rainbow banners and signs bearing slogans against discrimination and cruelty. Speaking to local broadcaster Pix11, Dolci said he was accosted by a man on the street who grabbed his sign and hit the man with it, shouting rude homophobic slurs. “It makes me sad. This is very personal, this is who I am. I’m celebrating myself being gay, openly gay, and to be attacked by that, it’s very personal and it’s very hurtful,” Dolci said. Fortunately, he was not injured. The reported attack is being investigated by New York City Police Department’s Hate Crime Unit, the force confirmed. Officers have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward.


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