Gay activist with CP wins The Circle


Paddy Smyth was announced as the winner of the British reality The Circle, aired on Channel 4. The man lives with cerebral palsy and walks with crutches. The point of the show is that it is based on a virtual reality and people are creating avatars and connect with one another with an aim to make their fellow contestants like them. And knowing it, Paddy did not hide his struggles with walking, he did not pretend to be able-bodied. To be honest, so many of disabled people (if not all of them) wish to be someone else just for weeks, wish to make their disability unnoticed and invisible to others. Disabled people want the world to see them, not their different way to manage everyday activities. They are ashamed of their condition and they probably would get rid of it if they could. The society struggles to see them, let alone loving and accepting. Most able-bodied people are unable (sorry for the pun) to understand that they already co-exist with the disabled ones, they are their relatives, friends, co-workers etc. There is a stereotype that they deserve nothing but pity. But in spite of it all, Paddy did not hide his CP, and his open heart helped him to win the show.


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