Original Dancing on Ice judge is bothered about a same-sex couple on the show


Jason Gardiner has doubts that the audience of Dancing on Ice will handle the same-sex dancing pairings with the dignity they deserve. Gardiner quit the show this year, after being a judge for 13 years, and will be replaced in the new season by the gay actor John Barrowman. He told Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine Show that he was against same-sex dancing couples on the show and against enforcing LGBT stereotypes. “All I hope is that it isn’t tokenism. That they don’t make it camp and flamboyant and it’s a proper partnership because it has to also have that romance,” he said, adding that he has nothing against same-sex couples being represented, but he is concerned about the way the major audience may take it. “Will it become stereotypical? On mainstream media we’re fine to do camp with gay men, but we don’t want gay men to be romantic. We don’t really want to see that. This is an opportunity for them to break the ice.”


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