Sugababes come back with new music


The British girl pop trio got back together to cover Sweet Female Attitude’s 2000 hit single ‘Flowers’ and they hinted that it’s only a beginning of the new chapter in their career. It’s been six long years since they reformed and dropped the single ‘Flatline’, but Mutya, Keisha and Siobhán are finally back with new music. “The [DJ Spoony’s new] Garage Classical album [on which the track will be released] is a celebration of an important time in UK music. We grew up in the garage era and ‘Flowers’ is a timeless classic – the perfect fit,” they said, also telling the fans that this is how they warm them up before 2020. They also announced the performance of the cover at the Graham Norton Show (and it happened last week). It was the band’s first TV appearance since 2014.


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