Family Guy has mocked “network TV gays”


In the latest episode, titled ‘Disney’s The Reboot’, Family Guy imagines that the network was bought by Disney. It means that the show is rebranded into an alternative reality in which the main focus is not on Peter but on Mrs. Griffin. For the most part, the episode takes cheap shots at feminism by depicting Peter as emasculated by his wife. And there was a moment when a gay couple was jogging near their home. “Oh, hello gay couple who’s constantly jogging,” Lois says in the episode. “What are you up to this morning?”One of them responds: “Just adopting and pucker-kissing,” “Yeah, we’re network TV gay, so all we can do is adopt children and pucker-kiss, no tongue stuff. Isn’t that right, sweetie?” says the other one. Lois then announces that she is off to work at her “high-powered job at a fashion magazine, greeting card company or winery”.


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