Homophobic Christians spoke out against same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland


Andrea Williams, director of Christian Concern and founder of the Christian Legal Centre, appeared on the ITV daytime show to debate the country’s decision to decriminalize abortion as well as marriage equality. Williams, who is anti-LGBT and anti-abortion, cites religious beliefs as a reason for it. The watchers criticized the show officials for inviting this woman to discuss the issues that she is known to be opposing. Melissa Thompson, who argued against Andrea, responded: “I think family is made up of all sorts of different people. This whole idea of a man and a woman, sometimes people raise their children in one-parent families, sometimes you have two mums and a dad, I think as long as there’s love, it doesn’t matter”. The discussion rattled viewers, many disquieted over Williams’ “terrifying” views while others expressed their disbelief at her having airtime in the first place.


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