Labour mayoral candidate embroiled in ‘homophobia’ denies accusations


A row has broken out in the Labour Party after MPs claimed a West Midlands mayoral candidate Salma Yaqoob is “homophobic”. Now there are demands to remove her, but the politician does not admit saying what she was accused of. The letter alleges that Yaqoob refers to being gay as “a choice of lifestyle” on national television. They also said she had shared a platform with Yasir Qadhi, whom the people behind the letter accuse of supporting death penalty for gay sex. Furthermore, the MPs claim that Yaqoob also expressed opposition to the LGBT-inclusive school curricula in the UK. Yaqoob subsequently issued her own statement in which she denied the claims made by the Labour MPs. She called the allegations “either false or seriously misleading”. And comments about chosen lifestyles referred not to sexuality but to religion – people choose whether to believe in God and how to believe in Him. She also hit out at a claim that she had asked for LGBT+ rights to be removed from her European manifesto, saying the allegation is “completely baseless”.


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