Kerry Katona supports Piers Morgan


In her weekly column for New! Magazine this Wednesday, the Atomic Kitten singer expressed her support to the controversial TV host in his anti-trans views. Moreover, Katona, 39, also said that she still considers Sam Smith a man because they still have a male anatomy. Kerry Katona vows she ‘supports LGBTQ community’, though insists that she is still a traditionalist on certain issues. Last week, Twitter was torn in two after a petition to fire Morgan from the breakfast television show tallied thousands of signatures. The ‘Right Now’ singer continued: “I’m all for sticking up for the LGBTQ community, but I’m quite a traditionalist at heart and I do think Piers just says what a lot of people are already thinking.” Katona has performed at several UK Pride events – even at London queer club G-A-Y – and her mother is a lesbian.


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