LBC host called homosexuality a choice in a bizarre Chick-fil-A rant


LBC radio host Nick Ferrari stated live on air that homosexuality is a “choice of lifestyle” in a heated debate about Chick-fil-A closing their first branch just months after its launching. It was decided to close the branch because o the protests from the LGBT rights campaigners, who are aware of the Chick-fil-A chain owners being the donors to different anti-LGBT organizations. The first and only Chick-fil-A branch in the UK recently opened in Reading, but will be closing in less than six months after sustained pressure from local LGBT+ advocates. Benjamin Cohen, CEO of the British LGBT-themed PinkNews Media Group, was invited onto the show to discuss the issue, along with a lawyer from the Christian Legal Centre. Only the latter was allowed by Ferrari to speak without being interrupted and opposed on every point he said. “So you [the LGBT+ community] are all about tolerance, which is what you want for your choice of lifestyles,” he said. Later Ferrari was called out and asked whether he believed people to be able to choose their sexuality. He replied that he did not, but her believed people to be able to choose whether to put others under pressure for the opinion that differs from their own or not.


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