Pride in London announced major changes


Pride in London is consulting on whether to ban LGBT+ groups from arms manufacturers and fossil fuel companies from the parade, whether to ban vehicles to cut down on emissions, and there is also an idea to choose another location for the Pride march, away from the city center. Pride-goers are being consulted on whether to ban LGBT+ networks from “arms manufacturers”, “fossil fuel companies” and “companies who profit from ecocide” from taking part in the parade. Other measures under consideration include a ban on “all motorized vehicles in the parade”, a ban on single-use plastic bottles, and a mandatory “carbon off-setting levy” that corporate parade groups would be required to pay. They are also to consider the demands from the eco—activists of Extinction Rebellion, committing to go carbon neutral by 2020 and “recognize problematic nature of the ecocidal profiteering of some of the groups in the parade


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