Strictly Come Dancing pro on how his mom helped him to stand up to bullies


Johannes Radebe, the first Strictly Come Dancing pro to ever perform in high heels, would have never been where he is now without the help and support he gets from his mother. On Loose Women on Thursday, October 24, he teared up as he spoke about the hostile homophobic environment of South Africa where he grew up. There was even no need to be gay (or to publicly reveal that you are) to deal with homophobes – he liked to dance and it was enough. But when presenter Jane Moore asked Radebe how he dealt with the bullying when he was young, he burst with tears saying that only his momma’s love could help him. “Mama is the blows. So whatever things used to happen to me outside the home, when I walked into the yard, she made sure I got all the loving. She reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with me and that I’m special,” he said.


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