Lawyer who announced the launch of the “LGB Alliance” found no support among colleagues


Lawyer Allison Bailey of Garden Court Chambers, who describes herself as “gender critical”, wrote a tweet on Tuesday (October 22) announcing the new initiative, the goal of which is not to let “gender extremism” go too far. In fact, many of the members of the newly-founded group are not even LGB, and the firm where Ms Bailey works has made it clear that she is not speaking on their behalf and she expresses only her personal views and attitudes the firm does not divide. The next day the chambers announced on Twitter that it would be investigating complaints it had received about Bailey’s comments. On Friday, Bailey chaired a meeting of the anti-trans group A Woman’s Place UK (WPUK), in Oxford. The aim of WPUK is not to let transgender women to gain access to female-only spaces. On the Eventbrite page for the meeting, Bailey’s bio reads: “Allison has always supported the rights of gender-reassigned persons to live full lives, free from discrimination, however, she believes that in matters of public policy and law, including safeguarding and statistical gathering and analysis, biological reality must always come before gender identity.”


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