“Gay giraffe row” in the Labour Party


MP Dawn Butler defended LGBT+ inclusive education in schools using an example of homosexuality among animals, particularly among giraffes. Butler, Labour’s shadow women and equalities secretary, said that people think children can be “taught to be gay” but nobody taught giraffes to be gay. Lachlan Stuart, a senior adviser on domestic policy to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said that this was a “homophobic claim” and that male giraffes have sex with each other to assert dominance, which, they believe, cannot be defined as a homosexual behavior. Biologists, however, noted that dominance is only one of multiple reasons why male animals (in part giraffes) can have sex with each other. A source close to Dawn Butler said the point she was making is that you can’t teach people to be gay, but she appreciates that her colleagues clarified to her that male giraffes having sex with other male giraffes (and almost all of them do it) are not necessarily doing it to satisfy the sexual urges they have.


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