Labour MP Keith Vaz to be suspended for the drug scandal involving male prostitutes


Labour MP Keith Vaz told parliament’s standards commissioner that he held a late-night meeting with two male prostitutes because he asked them to consult him about the interior design. It did not seem a reliable version. The MP for Leicester East was outed by a Sunday Mirror sting in 2016, when the newspaper revealed he had a sexual encounter with male sex workers and offered them drugs. A long-awaited report from Parliament’s Standards Committee, published on Monday, ruled that Vaz had breached conduct rules and recommended to be suspended from the party for at least half a year. “By expressing willingness to purchase a Class A drug, cocaine, for others to use, thereby showing disregard for the law, and by failing to co-operate fully with the inquiry process, thereby showing disrespect for the House’s standards system, he has caused significant damage to the reputation and integrity of the House of Commons as a whole. This is a very serious breach of the Code. We recommend that the House should suspend Mr Vaz from its service for six months,” the report reads.


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