LGBT activists demand to close Scottish Chick-fil-A


Macdonald Aviemore Resort saw a branch open earlier this month to scant promotion within its hotel grounds. The hotel spokesperson claims that the newly-opened branch has already gained popularity among their customers. But as it was highlighted in the media, the petition was filed by activist Scott Cuthbertson, manager of LGBTI Scotland, calling for the branch’s closure which has tallied more than 150 signatures. He noted that Scotland is a land with a positive LGBT record, so it would be unacceptable to open a restaurant with a homophobic reputation there. “Chick-fil-A need to learn that if they spend millions supporting anti-LGBT organizations that there should be consequences, consumers vote with their feet. Quietly sneaking into Scotland when you’ve been rejected south of the border won’t wash,” he said. Highland LGBT Forum, a charity based in Inverness, commented that group leaders are pressing for the closure of the Chick-fil-A. “We are obviously disappointed to see that the hotel was allowed a business with an atrocious anti-LGBTQ track to open in Aviemore, especially so soon after the public and media backlash from the Reading store opening,” a news release on Twitter read.


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