SNP women’s officer is reported to the party bosses after transphobic remarks


A women’s officer for the Scottish National Party has been reported to SNP headquarters for anti-trans remarks. Marjory Smith, who is the SNP Nairnshire branch’s women’s officer, made anti-trans comments in messages to Emma Roddick, who is standing to be an SNP councilor for Inverness central. She likened trans people to serial killers, called them mentally ill and also labeled transgender rights movement a dangerous cult. Smith was writing to Roddick asking her to sign the new SNP Women’s Pledge, which was launched at party conference earlier this month and calls for women to have the right to discuss gender recognition policies. Roddick declined to sign the pledge, claiming it has transphobic undertones. A number of other SNP members have declined to sign it for similar reasons. Smith refused to apologize, saying that people can believe that trans women are women, but she does not believe in it and sees nothing wrong in it.


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