Cartoon Network animator fought for years for the same-sex wedding in Steven Universe


The creator of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe has said that she fought for years to include the wedding of two female characters in the show. In an interview with Reuters, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar revealed that getting that lesbian wedding storyline on screen took years of work because some countries where the show is aired have bigoted standards when in comes to LGBT representation. “There are people who see what we’re doing as insidious and… they’re ignorant,” they continued. The bisexual non-binary animator went on saying that much of the discomfort around LGBT+ content in children’s television shows comes from the idea that LGBT+ people’s lives are “inherently adult”. They said this view is “entirely false”, because at the very beginning of realizing their queer identity people should know that their existence is acknowledged. “I really hope the show is a stepping stone to action and to the ability to find one another,” they said.


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