Azealia Banks called Frank Ocean evil


Frank Ocean launched a club night in honour of pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs, which are recommended for use by at-risk gay men and can be taken daily to prevent HIV. The scandalous rapper hit it out in her Instagram story, saying that Ocean actually mislead people and PrEP drugs are themselves misleading because they infuse into people’s minds that it is enough to take the pill and then you will be able to have unprotected sex with people you barely know as much as you want and be saved from HIV, though people are still getting infected. Critics pointed out that “just don’t have gay sex” is not a particularly new, revolutionary or effective response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Years & Years singer Olly Alexander tweeted that it would be better to check out the official statistics about PrEP and the reliable information about what it actually is on official sources rather than to believe Banks.


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