Death of Zombie Boy was not a suicide


Canadian officials have ruled that the death of Rick ‘Zombie Boy’ Genest, a model known for starring in Lady Gaga’s music video for Born This Way, was an accident, though initially there were suspicions that he might have taken his own life. In 2018, the 32-year-old man died of falling down from a building. Gaga and the model’s management disagreed on the cause of death, but it was on Monday officials confirmed that it was an unintended fall, he did not jump down from the balcony and he had no signs of a suicidal mental condition when he went there, if to believe the witnesses. Genest was “highly intoxicated” with alcohol and cannabis as the time of death, toxicology results showed. Combined with analysis of video footage of the area where the death occurred, coroner Mélissa Gagnon of the Bureau du Coroner said: “Considering that habit and his very advanced state of inebriation, it is plausible that Mr. Genest accidentally fell from the balcony.”


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