Aaron Paul loves fans’ reaction on his asexual BoJack Horseman character


The Breaking Bad star plays Todd Chavez, who in the show’s fourth season comes out as asexual. In an interview with BuzzFeed News ahead of the first part of the sixth and final season of BoJack Horseman premiering on Netflix last weekend, Paul said that the watchers’ reaction on the asexual representation in the show warmed his heart. Paul said that he had met several asexual people and they told him that the show helped them to realize who they are and to see that they are not alone in it, there is a community, it has its own name, its own place and its own voice to be heard. He added: “I think it’s so nice to have a character on TV — especially on a show so powerful like BoJack — that represents a community that should be represented.” People loved the scene, with some reacting emotionally to their sexuality being shown on an award-winning show with such prominence.


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