Drag queen climbed on Everest and danced to Beyoncé there


Aaron Carty, who has a drag alter-ego inspired by Beyoncé, climbed the highest mountain in the world to sing and dance along the song of his idol as he had been dreaming since he was 16. With no running water or heating in freezing temperatures and relentless snow, carrying a Beyoncé costume while suffering from altitude sickness, the performer reached the top, literally. It was not required to carry the drag costume on the top, but the man googled that there had never been a drag performance on top of Everest, so he decided he could make history. However, bringing everything required to transform into Beyoncé required some sacrifice. Carty’s bag originally weighed in at 15kg, but there was a 10 kg limit for his flight. He managed to reduce his luggage, but it meant that his costume took up half of his bag. Luckily the final performance was worth it, as Beyoncé Experience high-kicked and shimmied to Beyoncé’s ‘Welcome (Homecoming Live)’. He said that Everest was a one-time experience he will never repeat, but he carries Beyoncé everywhere he goes and hopes to find many more unusual spots to perform. To be continued.


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