Indya Moore educates transphobes on Twitter


A Twitter user posted a collage earlier this week appearing to show a trans person who has undergone gender-affirmation surgery. The user, who is allegedly based in Washington DC, told his followers to be careful. “Be careful of trans women? Ya so damn scared all the time of harmless people who also deserve to be loved,” the trans non-binary model wrote, saying that if you don’t like some people then you should just walk by. It is not hard to show respect. And in fact transgender women are those who should be careful, if to consider the statistics of the hate crimes. The actor, who plays Angel Evangelista in the FX series, then remixed the troll’s original post and flipped it right back on him: “Ladies we really need to be careful out here,” they wrote, mentioning the troll’s Twitter bio and attaching his picture to the tweet.


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