LGBT activists have a historically-approved argument in defense of a rainbow poppy


The traditional red poppy – which is sold by the Royal British Legion to commemorate the lives lost in war – was multicolored to form a rainbow spectrum. It is necessary to add that there is not only a classic red poppy symbol. It was turned purple in memory of lost animals, there is a black version to commemorate racial minorities etc…. But the rainbow edition was the one to spark the outrage. But the LGBT rights campaigners refused to leave it that way and decided to give a history lesson to the haters. The crux of the criticism comes from an eBay listing of a ‘rainbow glittery poppy style badge’. On the product description page, the seller pleaded: “Please stop the vile and rude messages that you are sending me,” noting that the poppy is not ‘official’ and the profits from selling it will go to charity, though it was not specified to which charity they will go. At the same time there was a battle in social media whether these poppies were necessary. Even those who knew that there were LGBT people dead in the war (some did not know it), they expressed doubts whether they need a separated poppy while there is a red one for everyone. Well, this question is individual, if you see no need in it, just don’t buy it, but if there are those who need a reminder about the persecution against the LGBT community specifically (and we guess that the rates of homophobic discrimination in the world show that we need such a reminder), then it should be available too.


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