Canadian province ordered to pay $50,000 to trans person who was not allowed to put an X gender marker in a birth certificate


The Canadian province of Manitoba has been ordered to pay $50,000 to a transgender person who was denied the right to have the gender marker on their birth certificate replaced with a gender-neutral one. The anonymous person, who is identified only as T.A., filed a complaint after having an initial request declined 5 years ago with an explanation that gender-neutral markers are not legally permitted. However, the local Human Rights Commission insists that they are not legally forbidden as well. “Gender identity is a part of our concept of selfhood,” stated adjudicator Daniel Manning in the ruling released earlier this week. The province was given 180 days to start offering non-binary sex designations on birth certificates and 60 days to pay the compensation to the transgender complainant.


  1. Except that birth certificates should record sex, not the sex the person conceives themself to belong to (=gender identity).


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