Far-right group is to boycott LGBT-themed film in Georgia


Georgian far-right groups are mobilizing against the premiere of And Then We Danced, a Swedish film about a young dancer who is trying to come in terms with a fact that he is attracted to men. To the minds of the local conservatives this movie is a pure revolt and they are going to show their resistance. The critically-acclaimed movie has provoked the nationalist organization Georgian March, whose leader Sandro Bregadze has pledged to try his best not to let the movie be aired in the country. Bregadze condemned And Then We Danced as “homosexual propaganda” and said that those who are going to see it are either homosexuals themselves or want to be them. The Georgian Orthodox Church is also strongly opposed to the film and plans to “express a large protest” against the movie being seen by anyone in Georgia. The church’s head of public relations, Andria Jagmaidze, even appeared on TV to claim that “[the movie] is yet another attempt to downplay Georgian, Christian values”.


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